public methods of DBusWatch in dbus-connection.h ?

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at
Sun Jun 17 10:10:09 PDT 2007


in dbus-watch.h I found a comment that

/* Public methods on DBusWatch are in dbus-connection.h */

I would expect them in dbus-watch.h  The internal _dbus_watch functions 
should be in dbus-watch-internal.h  as other internal functions are too ?

Why are public methods of DBusWatch in dbus-connection.h ?

According to this name schema that public functions are in dbus-xxx.h 
and internal definitions are in dbus-xxx-internal.h there should be some 
more renaming

I see for example that dbus-server-protected.h should be 
dbus-server-internal.h  because it contains internal functions
/* dbus-server-protected.h Used by subclasses of DBusServer object 
(internal to D-Bus implementation)

dito for dbus-transport-protected.h

/* dbus-transport-protected.h Used by subclasses of DBusTransport object 
(internal to D-Bus implementation)

Additional dbus-string.h should be dbus-string-internal.h as they are 
only internal used.

Any objectivities about this cleanup ?


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