winDBus authentication stage

Havoc Pennington hp at
Wed Mar 14 07:30:28 PDT 2007

Ralf Habacker wrote:
> No problem, there is a file in the code which is highly platform and
> compiler specific, I mean config.h.
> So I'm going to provide a patch which #define a DBUS_PATH_SEPARATOR in
> config.h.cmake and move split_paths_and_append() into dbus-sysdeps.c
> but who will do so for the unix automake build system ?

If we aren't going to detect this in configure, there isn't really a 
reason to put it in config.h, I guess. Just do:
  #ifdef DBUS_WIN

in dbus-sysdeps.h

It's an ifdef but there's an exception to every rule... this is the 
cleanest approach I can think of and isn't papering over a root code 
organization problem.

Note the _ in front of the macro, since it's internal.

I think there may also be problems with the "C:" and other path name 
rules, no? I'm not sure this will work out quite as cleanly as one might 
hope but we'll see.

>>  - follow the code formatting style and other cosmetic conventions
> is there any astyle or indent rule available ? It would it make
> formatting much easier because one windows users mostly does not use vi
> or emacs or similar.

They are pretty much just the GNU coding rules, with the "GLib/GIMP" 
changes, some of the GIMP rules are documented here:


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