D-Bus core due for a release?

Havoc Pennington hp at redhat.com
Thu May 17 07:46:13 PDT 2007


Ralf Habacker wrote:
> The recent win32 dbus efforts are initiated because dbus is a KDE 
> requirement and in the recent state it is usable by many KDE users 
> without any problems. Contribution to the win32 dbus code in relation to 
> KDE would come only if there are issues with recent code. I got only a 
> very few bug reports mostly caused by an outdated version.

For what it's worth I think this is too low a bar. We still don't have 
something maintainable, and I think it would also be inappropriate to 
freeze the specification / protocol / auth behavior on Windows until we do.

There is a big gap between "appears to work" and "correct"

Anyway, the goal should be to get the win32 port into the main line 
source tree, correct, and maintainable. If you don't plan to work on 
this we need another volunteer to help.

> I think more contributions will come if dbus would be used by other 
> applications. I think that win32 binary releases on freedesktop may be 
> help to attract other developers. Is there a place to put such packages 
> on freedesktop org ?

I'm not sure; your best bet is probably to find the freedesktop admins 
on IRC or I think you can file a bug on some kind of sysadmin module in 
freedesktop bugzilla. (look around on the web site)


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