Dbus session daemon and remote DISPLAY

Grahame Bowland grahame at angrygoats.net
Thu May 17 07:57:25 PDT 2007

On 17/05/07, Havoc Pennington <hp at redhat.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd add to Thiago's response that IMO something about the setup is
> always broken if you have autolaunch of the daemon occurring. That is,
> when each user logs in, a session daemon should be started at that time
> and DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS set; and then you have only the one session
> daemon for their login session.
> There may be things that make this hard to accomplish in a given
> configuration, but for things to be not broken it's essentially required
> for us to figure out a way to do it. The autolaunch is just a fallback hack.

Hi Havoc

The trouble is that people are logging in (and exporting DISPLAY back
to their X terminal) on these machines just to run a single program.
They're not logging in via a session manager, and that mode of login
doesn't seem applicable.

I'm a little worried that a "suicide mode" might break a running app
that expects the dbus server to be there, but isn't actually sending
any messages over the bus. I'll try and draft a patch and put it in
bugzilla - presumably the daemon knows if t here are any connections
to it actually open. Perhaps valid logic would be to quit if there are
no active connections and the server has been inactive some period of

As an aside, is there any useful way the remote program can just use
the dbus daemon on the "server" side (eg. whatever server is on
DISPLAY). Looking at the code that'd work as long as the DBUS server
had the same UUID as whatever's configured in the DBUS UUID config
file.. is there any way to tell dbus autolaunch not to care about


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