D-Bus core due for a release?

Havoc Pennington hp at redhat.com
Mon May 21 09:34:15 PDT 2007


Simon McVittie wrote:
> ... to which I'd add all the patches I've sent for review today. Havoc
> or other reviewer types, do you have any objection to merging any of
> these to the 1.0.x branch?


>> Possibly candidates for inclusion:
>> * 2006-12-19 patch from Ray Strode: don't exit() daemon on failure to
>>   reload config on SIGHUP; instead carry on as before
> Views?

Should be merged back for sure.

>> Future things for 1.1.x:
>> * lots of Win32 and cmake stuff
>> * dbus_message_marshal, _unmarshal
>> * add user database
> Are any of these things so broken that they are blockers for 1.1.0?

I wouldn't think so. It's an odd-number release for a reason.

> Also, are any of these pending-merge changes blockers for a 1.1.0
> release, or can I go ahead with that and worry about stable releases
> later?

There's no reason stable and unstable releases have to be made at the 
same time, though since you already figured out how to do the stable one 
and what to merge, it'd probably be good to go ahead and do it so you 
don't lose the benefit of that.


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