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Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at freenet.de
Thu May 24 12:05:28 PDT 2007

Havoc Pennington schrieb:
> Ralf Habacker wrote:
>> Sorry, _dbus_server_listen_platform_specific() is specified in 
>> dbus-server-unix.c  and there is *no* dbus-server-win.c yet. Should I 
>> really create an additional file with an empty function or would it 
>> not more economic to create this file when there are real functions 
>> and to use c onditionals to deactivate this stuff ?  Why do we have 
>> DBUS_WIN and DBUS_UNIX, when not for such cases ?
> Well, as you may have noticed I am usually against using DBUS_WIN and 
> DBUS_UNIX.Specifically, I added the _platform_specific stuff as one 
> way to avoid them. 
In this case I agree but there may and will be other cases where using 
this macros makes more sense. :-)
> An empty dbus-server-win.c should be created, with the usual 
> boilerplate (Emacs magic, license text, copyright holders) and this 
> empty function.
I have added the new files. Please review. I will then check this in.
> A fully working Windows port IMO would not leave the function empty 
> though, there would be a Windows-specific server type other than TCP.
We will see if someone will take the challenge. Please note that WINCE 
only supports tcp and not named pipes, so making tcp complete makes more 


> Havoc

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