tcp transport for python binding ?

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Thu Oct 4 07:14:31 PDT 2007


 > Does the python binding provide a TCP transport?

I tried to use Tcp transport with python, and here is how I did it:
- copied /etc/dbus-1/session.conf to remote.conf
- changed:
-  busAddress="tcp:host="+host+",port="+port
   busConnection = 
dbus.bus.BusConnection.__new__(dbus.bus.BusConnection, busAddress)
   self._service_name = dbus.service.BusName(SERVICE, bus = bus)
   ExportedGObject.__init__(self, self._service_name, self._dbus_path)

It worked for me but only the same machine! Please tell me if you're 
able to connect from another computer (and from another account on the 
same machine) or if I did something wrong.


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