tcp transport for python binding ?

Havoc Pennington hp at
Thu Oct 4 09:22:26 PDT 2007


On 10/4/07, msg <msg at> wrote:
> It worked for me but only the same machine! Please tell me if you're
> able to connect from another computer (and from another account on the
> same machine) or if I did something wrong.

Think about the authentication - how could it magically work across
multiple computers without you doing anything?

You have to either add ANONYMOUS as an auth mechanism (effectively
disables authentication), or have a working auth mechanism in place.

The only two auth mechanisms in the current dbus code are
DBUS_COOKIE_SHA1 and EXTERNAL. EXTERNAL asks the kernel for the uid on
the other end, so it can't and doesn't work over TCP. DBUS_COOKIE_SHA1
proves the identity of a user by having them provide a secret cookie
found in their home directory. This can only work if both ends of the
connection use the same homedir (either same machine, or NFS

If you don't have a shared homedir, aren't on the same machine, and
don't want to enable anonymous access, then you have to implement
something else. For example Kerberos, or whatever makes sense in your
environment. We are happy to take patches to add new auth mechanisms.


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