REST like interface

Havoc Pennington hp at
Tue Oct 9 09:19:43 PDT 2007


Andreas Sliwka wrote:
>   Now my question: Is publishing such a REST interface feasible with dbus?

I'm somewhat unclear on what you mean by "REST" here (I know what I 
might mean by REST, but people seem to use it in lots of different 
ways). In general something like what you're saying is possible with 
dbus, but I'm not sure which aspect specifically you want to be sure is 

>    I'd expect about a dozen instances of each type, so a total of less 
> than 40 interfaces would be created, is this too much?

I think you're mixing up interfaces and instances in this sentence?

There is no problem with having 40 instances, or 400. 4000 might start 
to be noticeable memory and performance wise, though if you were 
motivated you could probably patch libdbus to improve that. You can also 
improve performance by using register_fallback() to have a callback for 
a whole subtree of the object path hierarchy, and then you don't have to 
register individual object instances with DBusConnection. That can allow 
you to have zero dbus-specific overhead for instances (just use your 
existing app data structure).

>   Furthermore, I'd really appreciate some help on how to code this in 
> python ...

That I will have to let someone else help with ;-)


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