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Wed Oct 10 01:47:00 PDT 2007

2007/10/9, Havoc Pennington <hp at>:
> Hi,
> Andreas Sliwka wrote:
> >   Now my question: Is publishing such a REST interface feasible with
> dbus?
> >
> I'm somewhat unclear on what you mean by "REST" here (I know what I
> might mean by REST, but people seem to use it in lots of different
> ways). In general something like what you're saying is possible with
> dbus, but I'm not sure which aspect specifically you want to be sure is
> possible.

I'd like to have a simple interface where I can expose every object through
a dedicated
object path - and I found out that fallback's are just what I was looking
for. I used 'REST' as a synonym, but I see that this was misleading as REST
is a bit more than that.

>    I'd expect about a dozen instances of each type, so a total of less
> > than 40 interfaces would be created, is this too much?
> I think you're mixing up interfaces and instances in this sentence?

Correct :-) Again a case of bad wording, sorry for that.

Best regards,

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