[DBUS] DBus server C libray - status and questions

Shahar Frank shaharf at qumranet.com
Thu Oct 11 04:47:01 PDT 2007

Hi all,

	I just added multiple server support and watch support to the
library. The library (temporary name dsrv) is still under development
but it is operational. Of course it is far from being done or being
production level.

You can check it out here:

Or online:


 I had to re-implement the link list ADT because the libdbus
implementation is internal. Do you think it is worth making this public?
I looks stable enough to commit on the interface, but I may be wrong ;)

Another question, I used the watch mechanism to implement multiple
servers objects, but I probably did it a bit awkward. For simplicity I
forced each server to open a private connection and then used the watch
only for select purposes (dsrv_serve()). What are the implications of
that approach (assuming that it is libdbus wise "legal")? On in other
words, what things will not work in this scheme? If this is wrong, what
is the simplest way to do it right?


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