Detectin mainloop integration

Havoc Pennington hp at
Thu Oct 25 14:08:55 PDT 2007


Some minor patch comments.

It would be better to avoid listing dbus-1.pc twice, so


pkgconfig_DATA=dbus-1.pc $(GLIB_PC_FILES)

This doesn't look right (should be = xno, right?):

+if test x$enable_glib = xyes; then
+	have_glib=no

There's a large diff at the end of configure (where it prints all the 
settings), I am not sure what changed here? Just whitespace?

The HAVE_GLIB in dbus-glib-main/ seems to cover only half the 
file in an arbitrary way. I don't remember how this is normally done - 
you may be able to just HAVE_GLIB the SUBDIRS in the toplevel Makefile. 
Then avoid it in the glib Makefile.

The g_error("Integrating two different contexts not supported") should 
be a g_warning I think. The out-of-memory case is correctly g_error()

dbus-glib-main is a pretty long directory name, I think simply "glib" 
would be nicer.

Is there an accompanying patch to make dbus-glib use this when 
available? It would be good to be sure the maintainers of dbus-glib are 
OK with that since stuff will break otherwise.

Needs a ChangeLog entry, of course, before commit.



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