Detectin mainloop integration

Sebastian Dröge slomo at
Fri Oct 26 03:11:25 PDT 2007

Am Donnerstag, den 25.10.2007, 17:08 -0400 schrieb Havoc Pennington:
> Hi,
> Some minor patch comments.
> It would be better to avoid listing dbus-1.pc twice, so
> GLIB_PC_FILES=dbus-glib-main-1.pc
> else
> fi
> pkgconfig_DATA=dbus-1.pc $(GLIB_PC_FILES)

Thanks, will change that later today or on Sunday :)

> This doesn't look right (should be = xno, right?):
> +if test x$enable_glib = xyes; then
> +	have_glib=no
> +fi

Thanks for the catch... scary typo :/

> There's a large diff at the end of configure (where it prints all the 
> settings), I am not sure what changed here? Just whitespace?

Only whitespace to have it still properly aligned with the glib stuff

> The HAVE_GLIB in dbus-glib-main/ seems to cover only half the 
> file in an arbitrary way. I don't remember how this is normally done - 
> you may be able to just HAVE_GLIB the SUBDIRS in the toplevel Makefile. 
> Then avoid it in the glib Makefile.

If one puts it around SUBDIRS make dist won't go into that directory
unless glib support was enabled at configure time and files could get
missing from the tarball.

So my approach to this is to have the HAVE_GLIB around the compilation
part in glib/ but have _SOURCES always set to get the files
catched by make dist.

Do you have a better solution? :)

> The g_error("Integrating two different contexts not supported") should 
> be a g_warning I think. The out-of-memory case is correctly g_error()

Will change it...

> dbus-glib-main is a pretty long directory name, I think simply "glib" 
> would be nicer.

Dito :)

> Is there an accompanying patch to make dbus-glib use this when 
> available? It would be good to be sure the maintainers of dbus-glib are 
> OK with that since stuff will break otherwise.

Yes, it's a few one-liners only though... will attach a patch later.
It's more or less calling the new function in the old mainloop
integration stuff.

> Needs a ChangeLog entry, of course, before commit.

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