Problem with dbus-uuigen --get

David Castelow david_castelow at
Sun Oct 28 09:20:06 PDT 2007


The man page for dbus-uuigen states that the --get option will report the contents of the file /var/lib/dbus/machine-id, but on my system (Ubuntu Feisty (07.04)) it does not: the final byte is wrong.

I have looked into this in both the Ubuntu package sources and by inspection in the latest package (1.1.2) and believe the problem is because
when (in dbus-internals.c) _dbus_read_uuid_file_without_creating() 
calls _dbus_string_copy_to_buffer() it does so with size 16 bytes, but the string needs a NULL termination: _dbus_string_copy_to_buffer() over-writes the last byte in the array.

Is this known about, in which case the man page should be adjusted, or the copy adjusted so that the terminal NULL byte is appended rather than over-writing.

I haven't checked to see if there is any impact on, e.g. --ensure.


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