MemoryError in D-Bus Python bindings

Sebastian Pölsterl marduk at
Mon Oct 29 09:51:27 PDT 2007

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Simon McVittie schrieb:
> On Sun, 28 Oct 2007 at 13:08:35 +0100, Sebastian Pölsterl wrote:
>> I'm the maintainer of GNOME Deskbar-Applet. Recently, more and more bugs
>>  [1][2] appear in bugzilla that say something about memory error or not
>> enough memory in D-Bus.
>> I was wondering if you could tell me when such errors are likely to
>> appear. Unfortunately, the stacktraces aren't helpful.
> Are you able to reproduce this under gdb? If so, please set a breakpoint on
> PyErr_NoMemory and let me know what the C stack trace is ("bt full"
> preferred).
Sorry, bu I wasn't able to reproduce this bug till now.

> libdbus has a number of places where error conditions will be reported
> as a warning to stderr and an abort. If fatal warnings are not enabled
> (e.g. they're not on Debian-derived distros like Ubuntu) then the function
> will return a value that is meant to mean "out of memory"; dbus-python
> translates this into a Python MemoryError. I wonder whether you've hit such
> a case somehow?
Having a look at the bug reports reviled that all users are running
Ubuntu gutsy. Do you know if there's a debug package I can install to
see the warnings?

> You might have to be running Ubuntu gutsy (like the reporters of
> the bugs you linked) or Debian testing/unstable to reproduce this. On
> other distros it's possible that deskbar-applet will just warn and
> abort.
If Deskbar aborts on other systems that's bad, too. I really hope that
we can find out what the cause of this error is. I know it's hard,
because I can't reproduce this bug on my machine :(

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