[RFC][DSRV][PATCH] DBUS Server C libraray [take 2]

Shahar Frank shaharf at qumranet.com
Wed Sep 12 02:13:11 PDT 2007

Hi All,

	I am continuing to develop the C server library, even though I
admit I had much less time to invest in it that I hoped I would.

[A reminder, this library is a simple pure C library implemented
directly above libdbus and is intended mainly for daemons and
applications that need a DBUS interface, but not necessarily in the
Gnome/KDE environments.] 

The main differences from the first version are:

- Bug fixes
- Basic type array support + test server and client
- The license is changed to X/MIT
- Name space changes -> I picked "dsrv" and the temporary namespace. I
am not sure it is the best one, so I am open to suggestions. The only
request I have is that the namespace name should be no more then 4
- Style changes -> I switches from Linux kernel K&R style to GNU style.
I hope this is fine.
- I handled some issues pointed by Havoc, such as variables names, etc.

The main things I plan to do in the near future are:
- complete the container types support, starting with struct, then dict,
recursive types, and maybe var types.
- Document the project 
- implement a static server namespace tree initialization.
- implement object properties mechanism
- cleanup, cleanup, cleanup: mainly "port" the code to DBUS conventions
and in many cases, use libdbus functionalities instead of my own.
- use automake, create dynamic library
- post the code to a public repository.

Currently I uploaded the library code to my user git:

I still don't know if the library should be tightly coupled with
libdbus, and what libdbus internal interface I am allowed to use. Please

If anybody wants to use this library, I would be glad to get feedback on
it, what the main missing features/abilities are, and in what

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