[RFC][DSRV][PATCH] DBUS Server C libraray [take 2]

Frank Seidel fseidel at suse.de
Wed Sep 12 04:28:43 PDT 2007

Am Mittwoch 12 September 2007 11:13:11 schrieb Shahar Frank:
> Hi All,

Hi :)
> ...
> [A reminder, this library is a simple pure C library implemented
> directly above libdbus and is intended mainly for daemons and
> applications that need a DBUS interface, but not necessarily in the
> Gnome/KDE environments.] 
> ...
> If anybody wants to use this library, I would be glad to get feedback on
> it, what the main missing features/abilities are, and in what
> priorities.

currently i don't have the time, but i most probably will do so in the
not so far future (i mean using the library). So, i cannot give you
any technical feedback now.
Just wanted to thank you for this!
I really was looking for something like your library. I have a small project
where i struggled with issues doing a dbus server in pure C (without glib), so
this is very very much appreciated.
Please keep up the work.


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