dbus relicense status

Havoc Pennington hp at redhat.com
Sun Sep 16 15:57:31 PDT 2007


Thanks for doing all the work to keep track of this. Note that stuff
gets stuck in the moderator queue for varying lengths of time, I just
went through it again, have been trying to do it once every day or

On 9/15/07, Ryan Lortie <desrt at desrt.ca> wrote:
>  - Our SHA1 code is by A.M. Kuchling, "Distribute and use freely; there
>    are no restrictions..."

I think this SHA1 code is in a lot of different projects, it's a
fairly popular bit of cut-and-paste, so we're in the same boat as
everyone else anyway.

>  - dbus-hash has code that is copyright Sun and UCB but already under
>    an X11-style license.

This is the Tcl license. What better place to get a hash table than a
language where everything is a string? :-P

>  - Our MD5 code is copyright Aladdin Enterprises under a permissive
>    3-clause license that requires only that we don't misrepresent
>    ourselves about the software's source or our changes to it.

I think all three of these are X11/MIT-equivalent, though it would not
hurt when we change COPYING to point readers to the licenses in these
three files so they are aware of them. Also COPYING should mention
(perhaps already does) the LGPL and GPL code in some of the tools/*


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