DBus over the network; clustered machines acting as one; service discovery

Colin Walters walters at verbum.org
Tue Apr 8 18:18:51 PDT 2008

On Tue, Apr 8, 2008 at 8:26 PM, Shawn Rutledge
<shawn.t.rutledge at gmail.com> wrote:
>  Has anybody been running dbus across the network yet, for example to
>  bind together a cluster of machines?  IMO that's probably the next
>  step beyond today's multi-core SMP machines.

This was not what DBus was designed for.  Now, the way I think of the
network protocol space is that it's a bit like programming languages;
the space is very wide.  There are also a lot of established systems,
but it's not hard to invent new systems, and there is definitely still
room for innovation.

You may find DBus useful even over TCP; it's certainly better than a
lot of alternatives.  That said though, there is a lot of high quality
free software out there designed for some of the use cases you're
talking about.

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