Announcing availability of libgdbus

Marcel Holtmann marcel at
Tue Apr 15 15:34:02 PDT 2008

Hi Colin,

>> The libgdbus currently offers you the following things:
>>  * Easy integration with the GLib mainloop
>>  * Easy creation of objects and interfaces
>>  * Support for the D-Bus properties
>>  * Automatic introspection support
>>  * Simpler API for NameOwnerChanged watches
> This looks very clean and nice.  Some of the APIs look similar to
> Havoc's hippo-dbus-helper.

thanks. I never looked in detail into the hippo-dbus-helper, but I  
knew that Havoc and BlueZ were doing something similar since quite  
some time.

> I think all the stakeholders in dbus-glib agree it is fairly
> fundamentally broken from an API standpoint and doesn't have much of a
> future.  Any objections to elevating libgbus to more "official" status
> by having it in the bindings page?

It is not a binding. It is a helper library to ease the use of D-Bus  
low-level functionality. You still need a lot of native D-Bus low- 
level calls to use it while with dbus-glib you don't have use D-Bus  
low-level at all.

> Also, have you taken a look at hippo-dbus-helper?  It might make sense
> to pull it in as a corresponding GLib-friendly client API.

Not in that detail. I am planning to add some D-Bus dict helpers for  
client and server usage, but for sure, client extensions are possible.



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