Help starting off with Glib/Dbus and HAL

piroko obrien654j at
Thu Apr 24 13:09:49 PDT 2008

Hello there. I have been trying to write a simple C program to listen to HAL
events so that an action can be taken when an external hard drive (or
similar device) is plugged in, for the past three days now. I've read loads
of documentation, looked at example code from IBM and other sources, and
still cannot for the life of me figure out this simple task. I started off
trying to use the C API directly, but after being discouraged from this,
have moved to trying the glib bindings, only to find that I still can't
grasp it... Does anyone out there have some simple example code I could look
at to try to figure out where to even begin? Anything would be very
appreciated... Thank you.
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