Help starting off with Glib/Dbus and HAL

Rob Taylor rob.taylor at
Thu Apr 24 19:08:31 PDT 2008

piroko wrote:
> Hello there. I have been trying to write a simple C program to listen to HAL
> events so that an action can be taken when an external hard drive (or
> similar device) is plugged in, for the past three days now. I've read loads
> of documentation, looked at example code from IBM and other sources, and
> still cannot for the life of me figure out this simple task. I started off
> trying to use the C API directly, but after being discouraged from this,
> have moved to trying the glib bindings, only to find that I still can't
> grasp it... Does anyone out there have some simple example code I could look
> at to try to figure out where to even begin? Anything would be very
> appreciated... Thank you.

Its probably best to just use libhal. Its pretty well documented, but 
you can look at lshal.c[1] for a simple(ish) example of how to use it.

Good luck,


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