D-BUS PHP Binding - looking for first testers

@4u fd4u at vplace.de
Mon Feb 18 14:06:56 PST 2008


The PHP implementation is currently at a stage, where only four
datatypes are missing (the 64bit ones and dict) and you can only run
synchronized requests. An open bug (I think) in PHP prevents the usage
of abstract namespaces right now. Is there an option in the XML file to
deactivate it?

Something similar to <listen>unix:tmpdir=/tmp</listen> that does not use
abstract names?

If anyone is willing and interested to test it in this stage I would
appreciate an eMail. You should know PHP (at least the basics) and how
D-BUS works with your favorite application you want to test. These tests
should ensure that at least something beyond org.freedesktop.DBus.Hello
() actually works. Additionally I need someone with a big endian based
system to do some tests.


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