D-BUS PHP Binding - looking for first testers

Trilok Soni soni.trilok at gmail.com
Mon Feb 18 20:36:28 PST 2008

Hi Tobias,

On Feb 19, 2008 3:36 AM, @4u <fd4u at vplace.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> The PHP implementation is currently at a stage, where only four
> datatypes are missing (the 64bit ones and dict) and you can only run
> synchronized requests. An open bug (I think) in PHP prevents the usage
> of abstract namespaces right now. Is there an option in the XML file to
> deactivate it?
> Something similar to <listen>unix:tmpdir=/tmp</listen> that does not use
> abstract names?
> If anyone is willing and interested to test it in this stage I would
> appreciate an eMail. You should know PHP (at least the basics) and how
> D-BUS works with your favorite application you want to test. These tests
> should ensure that at least something beyond org.freedesktop.DBus.Hello
> () actually works. Additionally I need someone with a big endian based
> system to do some tests.

As my team is working on D-BUS and PHP, and I was requesting for such
bindings, so we are up for this testing. We will go through your code,
but I would appreciate if you send some php test-setup with simple
example (like freedesktop.DBUS.Hello) which I can quickly explain to
our PHP developers, so that they can derive further tests. Thanx.

I know D-BUS, but worked using dbus-glib bindings only.

--Trilok Soni

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