Trying access control without unix groups

dariemp dariemp at
Sun Feb 24 15:23:34 PST 2008

Hello people:

I wrote here sometime before that I was trying to solve a problem with
authenticated domain users (from a Microsoft Active Directory) through, in which DBus doesn't recognize supplementary groups
assigned by (my solution was to use to assign
those users to plugdev group to allow domain users to automount
removable media). I though that it was a nasty bug, but Avery Pennarun
told me that the solution was avoiding unix groups by using PolicyKit.
Well, now I compiled and installed dbus-1.1.4, hal-0.5.10,
policykit-0.6. Aparently, my HAL supports policykit well and PoliciKit
is configured to allow anyone to mount removable media, but Dbus is
still complaining about access. I can't find any configuration file
in /etc/dbus-1 with references to PolicyKit. Is it supported somehow? Am
I looking in the wrong place? Is there any other way to solve the
problem with those supplementary groups? Any patch? Anything?



PS - In Ubuntu/Debian, supplementary groups work just fine, but I'm
using Gentoo.

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