Supporting both pre-0.8 and post-0.8 python-dbus in same code base

dwelch91 dwelch91 at
Wed Feb 27 11:54:03 PST 2008


I've run into a problem with using python-dbus on Linux. I wrote my code
using the 0.8x manual, but I also must support Linux distros that ship with
pre-0.8 python-dbus libraries (for example, MEPIS 7 and Fedora 6). I do not
have the option of updating users of these distros to newer python-dbus
versions. So, I will have to have 1 code base that supports both APIs.

Are there any resources available that would let me translate this 0.8x code
into the previous API? Is there any specific list of things that changed
between these versions that would help me with this effort?


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