Licensing way forward

John (J5) Palmieri johnp at
Thu Feb 28 07:59:49 PST 2008

Since we can't move licenses due to not being able to track down the
Codefactory IP (let this be a lesson to other projects) there are a
couple of ways forward:

1 - the easy way - Licensing wasn't really an issue, just that the
current form causes confusion and an MIT/X11 license would simplify
things.  If we just let thing lay nothing changes and we go on as usual.

2 - the other way - We have already gotten permission from the majority
of stakeholders to relicense.  We could convert to MIT/X11 for all of
that code, marking the Codefactory code as still under the old license
(this is doable because MIT/X11 can be used with most other licenses).
We only accept patches which are licensed MIT/X11 and over time the bits
and pieces of codefactory code are rewritten.

Number 2 involves a large upfront investment in someones time to do the
relicensing and a conscious effort to make sure all patch submitters
specify their contribution is under the MIT/X11 license without any real
gains for the immediate future.  It in fact confuses the license even
more.  The one thing it does do is keep a record in the code of the work
we have already done for relicensing and allow us to revisit it later.
Anyone interested in this task because I don't have time for it?

John (J5) Palmieri <johnp at>

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