Find out object paths

Marcel Holtmann marcel at
Wed Jul 2 05:28:44 PDT 2008


> sorry that I ask agian, but I don't get forward with that. At first little
> review. I would like to use gnome keyring manger over the dbus. So I've
> created an Interface from the org.gnome.seahorse service. But this service
> is not the right one. I may use the org.gnome.keyring service, but I don't
> know the object path. Does anyone know that? Or does anyone know to find out
> object path in general? I've downloaded Dbus Explorer, but the Entry
> "org.gnome.keyring" is empty!!!! Is there anything wrong, and if do somebody
> know how to fix that.

if the service itself supports introspection, then the simples way is to
use d-feet, but introspection is optional. If it is not available, then
the only option is to check the source code of the service.



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