Connect to a Session Bus without starting a X Session

hannehomuth hannehomuth1 at
Thu Jul 10 04:22:33 PDT 2008

Hi Everyone,

I'm still at implementing my own Dbus Service. I wanna set some Text on an
LCD Display. I've tried first with a socket server written in Java and it
works. But now I shall do it with Dbus. I've implemented all classes in Java
on a Linux Machine on which it seems to work, if it had such an display on
this machine. But when I try to run my Dbus service on the target machine,
which has no X window, only Console, I get an DbusExecption : Cannot resolve
Session Bus Address.

I looked at the running processes and there is the dbus-deamon running!
After that I watched at the processes on the development machine and there
were the dbus-daemon and the dbus launch running. So I installed dbus-launch
on the target and run it. I got an output on stdout, were the Session
address was showed. But when I run the app again the same error occured. The
dbus-launch process is not in the process list after I had started it. I
read something that this dbus-launch is only started with X Session, but I
think it has to work on console too. Or?

echo $DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS gives me no output at the target machine, on
development there is an output.

Thx for suggestions and sorry about my f*****g bad english
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