Dbus and jni is that possible ?

Matthew Johnson dbus at matthew.ath.cx
Fri Jul 11 03:53:11 PDT 2008

On Fri Jul 11 01:38, hannehomuth wrote:
> Hi there,
> Sorry that I ask a question again, but my app doesn't work.
> A little overview agian. I wanna create an Dbus Service which calls some C
> Methods which were wrapped  with jni (Java native interface) by me. But when
> I call such a native Method on my RemoteObject I always get that
> DbusExecutionException. But this Error occurs only on that native methods.
> You might think there are some exceptions in this native methods, but there
> aren't, because if tried to call this Methods by an alternative way (not
> over dbus) and they worked all. Now my question. Could it be that dbus and
> jni does not work together? Did someone tried this before?
> I would be pleased if anyone had an good idea. 

Hi, there's no reason it should not work, but I can't really see here
what's wrong. If you can send me your complete code I may be able to
have a look. Otherwise, can you compile dbus-java with DEBUG=enable and
export DBUS_JAVA_EXCEPTION_DEBUG=true before running it. That might
help with things.

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