Issues while using DBus over TCP

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Our scenario is as follows.

   1. We have an application running on a Linux PC (server) and it exports
   certain APIs for setting some parameters of the application.
   2. The user interface (GUI) for setting the options can run on the same
   m/c or on a remote m/c. This user interface will be provided the server IP
   address on startup.
   3. The parameters selected by the user will be set using the interfaces
   exported by the server application.
   4. No authentication is required as of now.

The same thing could be achieved using a proprietary kind of communication.
We would like to know whether DBUS will be a right option for that.



You have to figure out authentication, see for example some of these

The only known-working uses of TCP with dbus right now are:
* to share the session bus when a user is logged into two machines
sharing a home directory via a networked filesystem
* to write a custom DBusServer (NOT a dbus-daemon) that accepts
anonymous connections

Other uses are possibly trivial to implement, but they are not
implemented. So you would have to look into adding more features to
dbus to support them.

If you explain what you are trying to do on a higher level someone may
have more advice about what sort of auth you could be using.

Always remember this point made in the dbus spec:

  D-Bus is designed for two specific use cases:

   * A "system bus" for notifications from the system to user
sessions, and to allow the system to request input from user sessions.
   * A "session bus" used to implement desktop environments such as

  D-Bus is not intended to be a generic IPC system for any possible
application, and intentionally omits many features found in other IPC
systems for this reason.
  D-Bus may turn out to be useful in unanticipated applications, but
future versions of this spec and the reference implementation probably
will not incorporate features that interfere with the core use cases.

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