Using DBus Daemon with TCP and ANONYMOUS authorization

Schmottlach, Glenn GSchmott at
Mon Nov 17 07:41:20 PST 2008

I removed the "EXTERNAL" authentication tag from the session.conf file
(with only "ANONYMOUS" remaining). Unfortunately, this doesn't appear to
have any effect. Here's the stack trace:

11 _dbus_read_credentials_socket() ..\..\dbus\dbus-sysdeps-unix.c:1140
10 exchange_credentials() ..\..\dbus\dbus-transport-socket.c:370
9 do_authentication() ..\..\dbus\dbus-transport-socket.c:424 0x08075c06	
8 socket_handle_watch() ..\..\dbus\dbus-transport-socket.c:842
7 _dbus_transport_handle_watch() ..\..\dbus\dbus-transport.c:865
6 _dbus_connection_handle_watch() ..\..\dbus\dbus-connection.c:1427
5 dbus_watch_handle() ..\..\dbus\dbus-watch.c:663 0x0807760e	
4 connection_watch_callback() ..\..\bus\connection.c:304 0x0804c76e	
3 _dbus_loop_iterate() ..\..\dbus\dbus-mainloop.c:810 0x08085fb4	
2 _dbus_loop_run() ..\..\dbus\dbus-mainloop.c:874 0x080860fe	
1 main() ..\..\bus\main.c:473 0x0805a028	

Can you suggest where I might set a breakpoint to see whether or not the
ANONYMOUS authentication is being tried? Where does it loop through the
configured mechanisms looking for one that works?

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On Mon, Nov 17, 2008 at 10:22 AM, Schmottlach, Glenn
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> Can anyone suggest why I'm seeing this behavior? I thought the
> option would cause the daemon to forgo authorization via SCM_CREDS.
Does the
> daemon always try to do SCM_CREDS authorization even for non-local
> sockets? Since I have this in a debugger, I'm able to set breakpoints
> much anywhere so I'm open to investigating this in more detail. I
> however, that I must not fully understand the expected behavior.

the daemon should try listed auth mechanisms in order (I forget if
it's first in conf file is tried first or vice versa, but the man page

It should continue on and only drop the connection if all mechanisms

So if you have EXTERNAL there, SCM_CREDS would get tried.


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