recommended way to document DBUS interfaces

Will Thompson will.thompson at
Wed Nov 26 04:32:22 PST 2008


Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> I've written a DBUS interface xml file for the service we are working on. 
> Now, is there a recommended way how to document it ?
> Should I just add comments in the xml file ? Special tags ? Any tools 
> (doxygen-like) which process them ?

The Telepathy specification is written in an augmented version of
introspection XML, and we have scripts to generate HTML (as seen at ) and a DevHelp index, and to
generate C bindings in the shape of GObject interfaces. I believe
telepathy-qt4 uses the same code generation tool to generate Qt-ish C++

The HTMLification tools are in the 'tools' directory of ; the code generator is
in the 'tools' directory of . Sadly, the only
documentation of the XML format is the format itself, and it's a bit ad-hoc.


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