Shared Session Dbus

tomylan vydaman vydaman at
Sun Nov 30 06:42:06 PST 2008

I'd like to use DBUS over TCP to exchange data between applications in multi-hosts. According to the DBus website, I can do it by sharing the session DBus of an user who is logged into different hosts with a same home directory via a network-file-system. But I do not know the details of this implementation: 

Which release of DBus permits the shared session bus?
Do I need to modify the configuration files of DBus (session.conf, system.conf, …) when I use a shared session bus ?
My applications run under LINUX RHEL 5.2 with DBus 1.0. Can I use this release to share an session bus or do I have to upgrade this release under RHEL 5.2 ?
Thank you in advance and bests regards
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