[Announce] New dbus-java version 2.6 released

Matthew Johnson dbus at matthew.ath.cx
Sun Apr 5 04:38:09 PDT 2009

I've released a new version of dbus-java. This also coincides with a new
release of the upstream library libmatthew-java on which it depends and
which fixes some bugs which are exhibited in dbus-java.

Release in all the normal places. Changelog:

Version 2.6:

   * Add DBusConnection.releaseBusName API
   * Add DBusConnection.PeerSet for tracking peer lifetimes
   * Fix bug where DBusDaemon never sends NameOwnerChanged/NameLost
   * Patches from Omair Majid <omajid -at- redhat -dot- com> to fix
     DBusCall manpage and allow alternative docbook-to-man implementations.
   * Fix dependency on unix.jar even in tcp mode
   * Fix Path/ObjectPath cast issues (reported by Greg DeAngelis
     <gdeangel -at- gmail -dot- com>)
   * Fix behavior when disconnected (spotted by Christopher 
     Armstrong <carmstrong -at- fastmail -dot- com -dot- au>)

D-Bus Java
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