[Announcement] DBus Template Library, a C++ wrapper for DBus

fabien chevalier chefabien at gmail.com
Thu Apr 9 05:02:00 PDT 2009

Hi all,

Here is an announcement of DBus Template Library, a tool I've started
writing a year or so ago, which is now getting mature enough to be put
in the wild.

DBusTL grew from the frustration that there was no easy way to use
D-Bus with plain C++. There were some attempts such as dbus-cpp ,
dbus-c++, dbusmm, or cbus, but it looks like nobody went to finish his
binding, or that they were somewhat toolkit specific :-)

I don't want to expose all the gory details of DBusTL on this e-mail,
as i'm afraid it would become way too long :-)
Those interested to see how it looks like can go to

DBusTL could be improved (it lacks the ability to expose C++ objects
on the bus for instance), and being a pure spare time project, i have
no intention to rush myself to make it feature-complete: it will more
likely evolve slowly as my spare time permits.

I've set-up two Google groups dbustl-users at googlegroups.com, and
dbustl-devel at googlegroups.com for end users and for developers to
discuss the tool.

DBusTL is not frozen either (no source or binary compatibility
guaranty yet), if anybody comes with brilliant ideas, i am willing to
make the design evolve. Moreover positive criticism is more than are
welcomed !



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