Seeking Dbus-Java Binding examples using Jython

Schmottlach, Glenn glenn.schmottlach at
Fri Apr 17 07:18:54 PDT 2009

> Alternatively, there is a dbus-python API...

Yes, I'm aware of the dbus-python API but unfortunately it pulls in all
of GLIB (and it's dependencies) and isn't a purely Pythonic
implementation (you have to build DLL's to it to Glib). On a Windows
platform, this isn't a trivial endeavor since the build environment is
assumed to be Linux-like. I've struggled unsuccessfully doing this with
MSys or Cygwin and neither option is straightforward. Essentially, you
have to build dbus-python to match the version of Python you have
installed on your machine because of the Glib/Python binding DLL.

While I mention this, your build documentation mentions that the
D-Bus/Java binding can be built under Windows (you provide a compile.bat
script I believe). Unfortunately, it requires supporting JARs that
partly assume a Linux environment and fail building the JNI bindings for
unix domain sockets. Plus, the D-Bus/Java binding does not build
completely because there are no provisions for building the language
resource under Windows (where msgfmt is not typically available). I can
build the library successfully on Windows (after much hacking) but it
throws an exception when it tries to get the resource bundle in
GetText() since the compile.bat script doesn't try to build the
necessary language resources.

The upshot is that I finally had to build the Java Binding (and its
dependencies) on a Linux box and the copy the JARs to my Windows PC.

I thought you might consider mentioning this difficulty in your build
documentation since it appears a truly Windows build of the binding
appears to be broken.

Thanks for the feedback though . . . it appears I'm working in uncharted

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