Seeking Dbus-Java Binding examples using Jython

Matthew Johnson dbus at
Fri Apr 17 07:58:38 PDT 2009

On Fri Apr 17 10:18, Schmottlach, Glenn wrote:

> While I mention this, your build documentation mentions that the
> D-Bus/Java binding can be built under Windows (you provide a compile.bat
> script I believe). Unfortunately, it requires supporting JARs that
> partly assume a Linux environment and fail building the JNI bindings for
> unix domain sockets. Plus, the D-Bus/Java binding does not build
> completely because there are no provisions for building the language
> resource under Windows (where msgfmt is not typically available). I can
> build the library successfully on Windows (after much hacking) but it
> throws an exception when it tries to get the resource bundle in
> GetText() since the compile.bat script doesn't try to build the
> necessary language resources.

Well, you can build against the unix-socket jar but without the JNI
part, it just needs it to be there at compile time and only the Java

The gettext stuff.. yeah, true.

Main problem is that I don't use windows typically, so I wrote that
once, but it doesn't get testing, so it rots. I'm happy for people to
suggest fixes who do use windows.

> Thanks for the feedback though . . . it appears I'm working in uncharted
> territory.

Yeah, let me know how it goes and if I can do anything to make it


D-Bus Java
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