[announce] dbus4win

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Wed Apr 22 12:44:59 PDT 2009

> Tor, I would really appreciate if you could continue, please. At least write
> some kind of changelog so I can see the trees in the remaining forest (German
> saying).

Hah, do you think I remember much of it as a whole any more? But
please do feel free to ask specific question about details.

> Esp the error handling changes are all over the place.

What error handling changes? You mean saving the errno value from
where the error you want to report happened to where you later check
it? If some C library calls or system calls that might overwrite errno
are done inbetween? Like this:

@@ -918,8 +923,9 @@ _dbus_listen_tcp_socket (const char     *host,

       if (bind (fd, (struct sockaddr*) tmp->ai_addr, tmp->ai_addrlen) < 0)
+          saved_errno = errno;
           _dbus_close(fd, NULL);
-          if (errno == EADDRINUSE)
+          if (saved_errno == EADDRINUSE)
               /* Depending on kernel policy, it may or may not

Or do you mean the removal of the huge case statements that turn error
codes WSAE* or NERR_* into strings? Such code is so unnecessary, the
system already has a mechanism (FormatMessage()) for getting the error
strings for such error codes.

> Knowing in which order you did them originally would go a long way to make things
> clearer.

I don't have any such log, sorry.


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