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Em Sexta-feira 11. Dezembro 2009, às 00.16.14, jaikumar Ganesh escreveu:
> Correct me if I am reading this wrong:
>         reply = dbus_connection_send_with_reply(conn, msg,
>                                                 &call,
>                                                 timeout_ms);
>         if (reply == TRUE) {
>             dbus_pending_call_set_notify(call,
>                                          dbus_func_args_async_callback,
>                                          pending,
>                                          NULL);
>         }
> is what I am using - so I assume the callback will be called when the
> function call times out or is done.
> In my case, since timeout_ms = -1, the default timeout value of 25
> secs is being used and then the callback returns after the timeout.
> As the interface is not up, I would assume the callback to come back
> immediately with a failure.

Nothing happens immediately, except for trying to send a message while you're 

The message needs to be sent to the daemon, that will send to the remote 
program, which will in turn say that the interface isn't up by replying with 
an error, which the daemon will relay back to you.

So your callback will be called. Just wait for it to be called.

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