Anonymous auth method is broken

aribhat arindamrk at
Tue Feb 3 23:09:56 PST 2009

I was closely following this thread as I also want to do same thing that
client (in my case uses java-dbus binding) will connect to dbus-server (uses
glib-dbus binding) running in a different computer in LAN.  Authentication
mechanism is not required (i.e. anonymuos is enough).

In my server code after getting dbus connection, I call following function

dbus_connection_set_allow_anonymous(dbusConn, TRUE);

IP of my dbus server in LAN is, port 6000.  I have entered that
info (<listen>tcp:host=...,port=...) in /etc/dbus-1/session.conf (Ubuntu
8.10) and launch dbus using dbus-lauch command.

Client can successfully connect and communicate if it is in the same
computer as that of server (a problem pointed out by many in other threads).
But it can't connect to server if I try to run it in another computer in LAN
and I don't know how to configure it (which is said by others as tricky).  

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