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Tue Feb 3 22:14:16 PST 2009

org.freedesktop.dbus.Transport.connect (SASL.auth).=20

Please let me if there is any settings etc. so that above mentioned problem
can be solved.

Thanking in advance,


Peter W=C3=BCrtz wrote:
> (sorry if i sent this message twice but I don't know whether the first
> one arrived)
> Hi, I've been trying to establish a connection from a remote dbus client
> to dbus-daemon listening on a tcp port. I would like to allow any client
> in my LAN to connect to the bus, so I put <auth>ANONYMOUS</auth> as sole
> auth mechanism in my daemon config.
> No client is able to connect to the bus because the authentication is
> failing. After downloading dbus-1.2.12 and compiling with debug enabled,
> I found this message:
> "Client authorized as UID 1000 but our UID is 1000, disconnecting"
> Have a look at "auth_via_default_rules" in dbus_transport.c. This is due
> to a typo in dbus-transport.c:654 and dbus-transport.c:659. The verbose
> message just displays the our_identity UID twice, instead of printing
> our_identity and auth_identity. In case of anonymous authentication, the
> auth_identity UID is unset (-1).
> So why does dbus check the UIDs in case of the anonymous auth method?
> The if statement in this routine (dbus-transport.c:631) checks for:
> transport->allow_anonymous is True
> auth_identity is root
> auth_identity matches our_identity
> The authentication is not accepted because transport->allow_anonymous is
> False. This flag is set by the methods
> "_dbus_transport_set_allow_anonymous" and
> "dbus_connection_set_allow_anonymous". However, I grep'ed through the
> whole source, but nobody ever uses these functions. Consequently the
> ANONYMOUS auth method is broken.
> I guess it will take some time until problem is fixed and a working
> version makes all the way downstream. Is there any other chance to set
> up a anonymous-tcp-dbus-daemon on my own? Can I use libdbus to implement
> a tiny dbus-daemon application with <10 lines of code and call
> "dbus_connection_set_allow_anonymous" myself?
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