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Wed Mar 25 11:36:28 PDT 2009

I've been working on a patch to integrate libsasl2's auth mechanisms into dbus, which'll give dbus a host of new auth options, including user/pass, kerberos, NTLM, etc. It's not totally finished yet, but close...just needs a free weekend or two for me to complete it. I can send you what I've got if you're interested in messing around with it.


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On Wed, 2009-03-25 at 13:24 +0100, lluis gomez i bigorda wrote:
> i ask that cause I'm looking for some examples on tcp dbus comunication 
> to remote machines and didn't found yet anything in that way ... also I 
> read about some troubles on authentifications and stuff like that ...

At the moment, there is no remote authentication method implemented and
dbus-daemon does not accept anonymous connections. This means that you
cannot successfully connect to a remote dbus-daemon via tcp.

In this bug report a patch has been proposed to allow anonymous
connections to dbus-daemon:

With this patched dbus-daemon I successfully connected multiple
dbus-clients from a local area network to a common bus.

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