Generating documentation for DBus APIs

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer mickey at
Thu Nov 12 02:53:08 PST 2009

> I'm looking for documentation of the various DBus interfaces that get
> published by an application, and for the moment I can't find any. It's
> leading me to think that maybe there is no way to automatically generate
> documentation of interfaces the way Doxygen of gtk-doc do for APIs.
> Is that the case? Or is there a tool that I can run on the source code
> to generate docs for DBus interfaces?

Various groups have created tools to parse XML introspection files, such
as you can see at and -- unfortunately this file format lacks a
lot, so we can see several incompatible vendor-specific enhancements.

> If there is no such tool, is there a recommended way to browse DBus
> interfaces on a running system? I found d-feet, which looks cool - the
> only thing I'm missing is the semantics of what the various methods,
> paths and interfaces do - I just get interface names, paths and method
> names with type information.

d-feet, qdbus, mdbus, there's a bunch them.


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