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Fri Nov 13 14:51:58 PST 2009

On Wed, 11.11.09 10:40, Havoc Pennington (havoc.pennington at wrote:

> There's a ton of user bus discussion in archives. While there are
> some use cases most of the good ones require a true user bus not a
> user-machine bus. Let's face it most things are per user on all
> machines or per all users on one  machine.

Not true. obexd, rygel, gnome-user-share are certainly bound to the
machine, as is PA.

Also, stuff like software that manages file system mounts is per
machine, too. (hmm, how is .gvs actually managed if you log in from
two machines?)

> If you did do it, name it user-machine bus not user bus please.

Sure. If it's just the name...

It might make name to call it DBUS_SYSTEM_FOR_USER or so, since it the
bus is very much like the system bus, except that its unpriviliged
processes that are running on it.


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