QDbusMessage Problem with dbus

Nirav Rabara Nirav.Rabara at Matrixtelesol.com
Mon Nov 23 04:08:31 PST 2009



I am using Qt binding to speak with DBus, I have created interface with
system bus.


Now when I cal QDbusMessage msg = interface.call("ListDevices");


It gives me the following,


qDebu() << " msg :" << msg;


msg: QDBusMessage = (type=MethodReturn, service":1:0", signature="ao",
contents=((Arguments: ao{[objectPath:
/org/bluez/780/hci0/dev_00_1C_EF_44_D6_1D], [ObjectPath:
/org/bluez/780/hci0/dev_00_OD_18_D1_OF_1A]) )


Now when I try to get string from the message by using following, code got
to infinite loop.


QList <QVariant> devices = msg.arguments();

QVariant (name,devices)


            QString dName =name.toStringList()[0]; // code gets hang here

            qDebug << "Debug" << dName;



Can Anybody help me, how to iterate this msg and find the List of devices
from the message(last arguments[contents])


Your suggestion would be a great help for me.


Thanks in advance,


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