Java D-Bus API: Handling errors with callWithCallback()

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I am (attempting) to write a Java D-Bus client that uses AbstractConnection.callWithCallback() to asynchronously issue requests to a D-Bus service. This reason I am using this method versus AbstractConnection.callMethodAsync() is that I want to be notified (via the callback) when the reply is returned rather than wait (or poll) for the response. I have successfully used this method to make requests to services and received a response via the callback (e.g. it works as advertised). What I want to understand is how to handle D-Bus error messages returned instead of a response to a request. If I was issuing a blocking call through the remote object's interface I could put a try/catch block around the request and "catch" the error message. With callWithCallback() method there does not appear to be a mechanism to report back any errors. Likewise, there does not appear to be a mechanism to either cancel the request or specify a timeout on the request. So, to summarize, these are my questions:

1) How do I detect errors using callWithCallback()?
2) Can I specify a timeout to wait for a response with callWithCallback()?
3) Can I cancel a request issued with callWithCallback()?

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