Does dbus required x11? dbus-launch query

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Thanks Thiago,

Then why my qt dbus example code(listnames, pingpong, car&controller,
complexpingpong, dbus-chat) are failed even though dbus session bus is

Its show me fail to connect to session bus,
Try run eval 'dbus-launch --auto-syntax'

Am I made any mistake in qt cross compilation with dbus???

Can u please tell me what is
> But note that it's backticks, not forward ticks (it's `, not ').

What else should I do to get connection with session bus.

Your suggestion would be a great help for me.
Nirav Rabara 

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Em Quarta-feira 9. Setembro 2009, às 17.33.25, Nirav Rabara escreveu:
> dbus-monitor --session
> Failed to open connection to session message bus: dbus-launch failed to
> autolaunch D-Bus session: Autolaunch requested, but X11 support not
>  compiled in.
> Cannot continue.
> Does x11 required for dbus-launch ???

Required? No, it's jut recommended.

X11 support in dbus-launch allows it to do bus autostarting. When an 
application tries to use D-Bus and it isn't running yet, it starts and then 
records the information on the X11 server.

If you cannot or choose not to have X11 support enabled, you need to ensure 
that the bus daemon is started before any applications that may use D-Bus.

	eval `dbus-launch --auto-syntax`

> full Senior is as below...

What's a full senior?

> I am using dbus in my custom board(arm). I have cross compile dbus and
> install on my board.
> I have configure dbus without x11.(I dont need x11 because i have been
>  using qt/embedded, for communication of two qt application i m using
>  dbus). I am able to launch system bus and session bus.
> using eval 'dbus-launch --auto-syntax'
> its show me the dbus session bus pid ...

That's the right way. It starts a bus and prints the information.

But note that it's backticks, not forward ticks (it's `, not ').

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