Egg-ification of dbus-python

Jonathan Ballet jon at
Fri Sep 18 10:08:08 PDT 2009


I created a branch of the dbus-python Git repository into GitHub [1]
which adds some files to create a Python Egg package.

Currently, it consists of a distutils/setuptools file which
defines all the things needed to build the egg, and a to add
some files for the 'source distribution' version of the egg.
I wrote it in a generic way, ie. it should not be necessary to update it
each time a release is made, since it gets most of its informations
directly from the repository.

Why do I created this? We are currently developing a Python application
which uses DBus, and we are using zc.buildout with virtualenv to setup
our development environment. This means that any package installed
*outside* this environment is inaccessible, so we can't rely on our
favorite distribution package.
As we added the dependency on dbus in our Python packages, we faced the
problem that Buildout didn't find the dbus egg: it wasn't possible
anymore to rely on Buildout to setup the whole development environment
we were used to. That's why I created this.

I would be glad if people try this egg and see if it works correctly for
them. Ideally, this should be made available on Pypi [2], to work with
any setuptools-based applications (currently, we are using it in our
internal Pypi).

Hopefully, this would be cool if it gets integrated into the official
dbus-python repository and if eggs were officially released by the
dbus-python team!




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