dbus-glib 0.88

Colin Walters walters at verbum.org
Thu Aug 12 08:15:30 PDT 2010

dbus-glib 0.88 is now available:

First note, and most importantly, this fixes a security issue:
Note that affected system services will need to be rebuilt (but not
necessarily patched).  One other thing; I made a "rhel5" branch
upstream which has a backport to that version (along with other misc
backported patches) which other people may find useful.

Second note: this release increases the GLib dependency to 2.24 (for
dbus_gvalue_to_variant).  If you just want the security fix, the patch
in the above bug applies to 0.86 too.

Astone Lin (1):
      Allow duplicate object path registrations for different connections

Christian Dywan (1):
      Refer to dbus_g_connection_flush rather than the plain dbus call

Colin Walters (3):
      Disable test-profile on win32 for now
      Respect property access flags for writing, allow disabling for reads
      configure: Release 0.88

Dan Williams (2):
      core: don't pass malformed error interface to dbus (rh#581794)
      Fix lookup of regular properties when shadow properties are used

Danielle Madeley (6):
      Bumping required GLib to 2.24 for GVariant
      fd.o #28715: Add dbus_g_value_build_g_variant()
      Tests for GValue-to-GVariant
      Write a recursive equivalence function for testing the
equivalence of GVariants
      Test test_g_variant_equivalent itself

Fridrich Strba (2):
      Don't use the identifier "interface" in public headers

Fridrich Štrba (3):
      Use EXEEXT so that we satisfy dependencies when cross-compiling
      Fix linking of tests. On windows, undefined symbols are not
allowed and symbol lookup is sequencial
      Put the G_OS_WIN32 check where it can be defined.

Guillaume Desmottes (1):
      add mising DBUS_TYPE_G_* to the doc

Simon McVittie (6):
      Bug 14579: remove pending call from hash table before cancelling it
      Merge branch '14579-remove-before-cancel'
      fd.o #27958: dbus_g_error_domain_register: rewrite the documentation
      Add Libtool m4 to .gitignore
      Add various tests etc. to .gitignore
      Consolidate LDADD variables in tests/examples and make them more complete

Will Thompson (1):
      Merge remote branch 'danni/gvalue-to-gvariant'

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